After Hours


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This is to alert the interested that the editioning of my latest print offering is now underway.

AFTER HOURS is my latest image for both an edition of 70 digital prints, catalogue number 151;  and for a special projected set of my ten LED light boxes in editions of ten each. For more information on its availability the Old Print Shop in NYC is the best gallery to approach.

In AFTER HOURS, the day's museum visitors are filing into the Cour Carrée du Louvre in Paris as they leave the museum at closing time. Outside, the dusk is harvesting the luminosity of a rising full moon. The evening's birds flock and swoop to announce the arrival of a glowing night's sky.

At the back of the courtyard the contemporary departing figures seem unperturbed by the foreground figures which are rattling in from an earlier time to join the fray. With the unexpected jolt of these anachronistic interlopers, I am hoping to tilt the scene into a large and perhaps mysterious scale of space and time to convey some of that sense of cinematic breadth that continues to be a pet fascination of mine.

Artist Notes